Frequently asked questions

What’s the maximum sheet size we can cut ?
Both our laser and water jet cutting beds are 3000mm x 1500mm
What is the tolerance of the lasers and the waterjet?
Our CO2 and Fibre lasers work to a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm. The waterjet also operates to a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm, however, on thicker materials it possible for the material to taper by up to 1 degree
What materials can we laser cut?

The most commonly cut materials are Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. However, we can also cut a wide range of other metals, such as Brass, Copper, Bronze and Inconel, as well as many others

What materials can we Waterjet cut?

The waterjet can cut almost any material, ranging from metals to plastic and stone. Call us today and we can help advise you on what is possible

What thickness of material can we cut?

Due to investment in both the latest laser cutting technology as well as our waterjet, we can cut up to around 160mm thick dependent on the material.

The lasers are capable of cutting up to the following thickness on these basic materials:
Mild Steel –  25mm Thick
Stainless Steel – 25mm Thick
Aluminium – 20mm Thick
Brass – 15mm Thick
Copper – 10mm Thick

We are more than happy to help you find the cutting solution you need, to make sure you receive the perfect parts for your requirements.

How quickly will I receive my quotation back?

Here at Premier Laser, we pride ourselves on our customer driven focus and aim for quotes to be returned with a 24-hour period. Usually, all enquiries are responded too within 4 working hours

How quickly will I receive my parts?

Due to a streamlined production process, we can offer an average lead time of around 3-4 days from order. On top of this, we can also offer our Diamond Service to offer a next day delivery of goods

What is the Diamond Service?

The Diamond Service is our premium next day service for jobs that can’t wait. For an additional surcharge, any orders placed before 12 noon will be delivered on an AM service the next day, and can often be ready for same day collection

How much does the Diamond Service cost?

Our Diamond Service is priced at a flat £25 (excl. VAT) on any orders up to a £100 net value. On any job over £100 net value, there is a 25% surcharge applied

Do you offer the cutting of Free Issued material?

We are more than happy to offer cutting services based on your supply of material. If you have an uncommon material you are looking to have cut to shape, call us and we can walk you through what we can achieve

What is the smallest hole you can laser cut?

The size of the holes achievable on the laser is dependent on both the material and its thickness. We are usually able to achieve a clean cut on any hole down to around 60% of the material thickness

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