Product finishing


We don’t just cut your parts, we make sure they’re finished to the high standard you expect. To that end we’ve invested heavily in grinding and polishing machines that can handle any parts we throw at them, and they produce great results every time.  Our newest machine is the Ellesco Timesaver 22 which can deburr, smooth and finish multiple parts simultaneously, and each piece is inspected by our trained staff before it leaves the shop floor.

Ellesco Timesaver 22

Our new Ellesco Compact Dry Working machine for edge deburring, smoothing and finishing flat metal parts is capable of finishing laser cut and waterjet cut parts to a high degree of finish. The variety of heads and the multiple widths in combination with the standard features allows this machine to process a wide range of parts.

Product Specifications

  • 900 mm working width
  • 1-125mm material thickness
  • Variable throughfeed conveyor speed 2.5-14m/min


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